The Sleeping Dog

Or: Victory of Reason.

A few weeks earlier our decision might have been different. In early March the local newspapers reported on some rowers whose ship had come into such distress at the Lake of Starnberg, that they had been in real danger. The story had not been funny at all, and had impressed us indeed.

Yesterday the weatherforecast announced heavy blowing in the afternoon but for the morning it promised the water to be flat, quiet and calm. Perfect conditions for a long awaited experiment. Melly should join us, who otherwise has to stay at the boat house, annoying everybody by her constant barking. Lo and behold, she turned out to be absolutely boat-suited and happy with the situation. Within a few minutes Anja and I had a sleeping dog aboard.

After a few kilometers, on our turnaround point, we meet the others in their quite sporty five-seater. We are waving to each other, exchanging a few words. At that point we still have smiles on our faces.

Die Ruhe vor ...

But that changes all of a sudden. Only a few strokes later we are fighting the waves, and Melly is fighting nausea (Drops on her mouth = I will honk soon). Both boats decide to choose a route along the bank, but even this is not the real solution. Meanwhile the storm warning lights flash, we keep the skulls firmly in our hands, raise the blades and finally manage to bring the boats (and us) to the save shore.

vor dem Sturm

Everything is fine at the end. Although we didn’t find it easy to stay reasonable. In the boat, there are always rowers together with differences in strength, experience and self confidence. In pondering the tasks to be managed, the best advice is to leave the decision to the weakest group member (not counting Melly). On the other hand, there are rules to be obeyed. To stay out during storm warning is against the rules. This is how simple it is – or should be.

Well, it was a bit uncomfortable, but also funny. And to know that the team is working well together and making the right solutions is a nice feeling. Anyway, Melly, did enjoy it. Shortly afterwards the wind even allowed us to row back home.