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  • Vogalonga: Let’s Do it Together

    Vogalonga: Let’s Do it Together

    The Vogalonga is a MUST for every rower, at least in Western Europe. It is fascinating indeed with all the sun, the scenery, the atmosphere and the uncountably many boats – let alone the rowing challenge. And, of course, the famous city on the water where driving means boating. If not here, where else?

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  • Rowing the Mountains

    Rowing the Mountains

    We shall never know if our Alter Herr (Old Gentleman) felt comfortably. Boats have no feelings, even if we have feelings for the boats. Our Azzurro and Alter Herr accompany us for a weekend to Austria, to a rowing trip on the Atter Lake (Attersee) and the Traun Lake (Traunsee).

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  • The Sleeping Dog

    The Sleeping Dog

    Yesterday the weatherforecast announced heavy blowing in the afternoon but for the morning it promised the water to be flat, quiet and calm. Perfect conditions for a long awaited experiment. Melly should join us, who otherwise has to stay at the boat house, annoying everybody by her constant barking.

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  • „Be the Boat“ – Skiff training in Florida

    „Be the Boat“ – Skiff training in Florida

    In February 2016 I flew across the pond to take part in a rowing tuition at the Florida Rowing Center in Wellington, FL. It may sound strange, going such a long distance just to improve ones sculling skills. No, I’m not a World Champion oder a member of the German National Rowing Team.

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  • Three Cheers for Inconsequence

    Three Cheers for Inconsequence

    My new shirt, it’s long-sleeved and shows the logo of the Cape Coastal Rowing Club of my southafrican friends. Its gaudy pink color fits perfectly to the suntanned skin that I brought home from SA: A real trophy which I worked hard for. “100 % Polyester“ says the inner label. One way or the other,…

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